Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Students introducing themselves...

Paula's recording - Angélica's recording - Jéssica's recording -
Lucca's recording - Daniel's recording - Leonardo's recording -
Heifton's recording - Bruna's recording - Leonardo's recording -
Larrise's recording - Natalia's recording - Fabricio's recording -
Philipe's recording - Raissa's recording - Guilherme's recording -
Drielle's recording - Elza's recording - Iure Gustavo's recording -
Fátima's recording - Cristiano's recording - Thaís' recording -
Rafael's recording - Luana's recording - Iago's recording -
Iure's recording -

Camila Sousa's students from Unidade Copacabana - 15:00 / 18:00 / 19:30


anna_filatova said...

Dear Learners of English:

My heartfelt congratulations on your first self-presentation in English!

You started learning English less than a month ago, and you have made so much progress. It's amazing! All of you sound fantastic! Hope your passion for English will grow ever stronger and you'll have much fun learning it.

Best of luck!
Anna Filatova
from Russia

Nina said...

Dear AnnaMaria and your lovely students,

My congratulations to your first self-presentations! You've been doing great! It's an amazing opportunity for you to have such a dedicated teacher who will lead you to the great success.
Hope to hear from you more soon.

With warmest regards,
Nina Lyulkun (Ukraine)

Dennis said...

Olá, students in B1!

Like Anna Filatova and Nina, I'm an English teacher and I'm also an online colleague of your teacher.

Your blog is wonderful!

I enjoyed listening to your introductions and agree with Anna Filatova and Nina: you sound fantastic and have been doing a great job in your class! Parabéns!

Because I enjoyed your introductions so much, I recorded one to tell you a little about me. You can find it here:

You might also find the following interesting:

Once again, Parabéns!


Dennis in Phoenix