Thursday, 15 February 2007


During the first week of class, our students learned how to introduce themselves. Watch how well they did. WELL DONE!

A: Hi!
B: Hi!
A: I´m ......
B: Hi, ...... My name´s ........
A: Nice to meet you .
B: Nice to meet you too.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!
Good job! You both seem very natural and your accent is great!
Teacher Hala from Sudan

Dennis said...

Great! What does it feel like to be a film star?

A great idea. I look forward to the next episode.

Dennis, an Englishman in Germany

Ronaldo Jr. said...

Congratulations, you are doing great!

Ronaldo, from Brazil

Mônica said...

Congratulations, that was great! Now to episode 2!
Um abraço,
Monica (Brazil)

Teresa said...

Well done to the students and teacher!
Congratulations! :-)
Hugs, Teresa (in Portugal)

Carla Raguseo said...

Great job!

Congratulations from Argentina!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ana Maria,
Congratulations on your great blog!
(in U.S.A.)

Anonymous said...

Hi, very good job. You look very natural. Please, continue the dialogue. Congratulations. Nelba from Argentina

FIB said...

This is so nice for first classes, first days and it motivates students to participate.
Your Students are so cute!!!
Well done!!:)


angeles from mexico

Berta said...

Ana María, what a wonderful idea. You get right on into using tools. Congratulations. Your students are great stars already.
All the best, Berta from Venezuela

Nina Liakos said...

Well done! Good luck with your English--you've had a great start!

susiearaujo said...

Hi Ana Maria!
Congratulations on a wonderful job! What a great way to motivate learners!
When will the next episode be?

Beijinhos from Portugal
Susana Araújo

emfglobetrotter said...

What a fantastic way to motivate the students. And they are both so natural!!! Very nicely done.
Congratulations to both the teacher and the students. I look forward to the next episode.
elisabeth fernandes from Nishinomiya in Japan

anamaria said...

Dear Everyone,
Thank yu so much for the kind remarks. Our students will be so happy to read your comments!

rddietrich said...

Love your blog, it's really dynamic. Have a great time with it!

Ramona (living in Portugal)

Camila said...


It´s great to share ideas thu the internet and it´s lovely that people from all over the world can watch the students!!
Thank you :-)

Nina said...

Congratulations! Wonderful idea and great job done. I wish you a success in creating new episodes which are most motivating for students.

Lots of love,
nina Lyulkun